Erica Aiken

This is my first year teaching at Amelia County High School. Last year, I taught English 6 at Amelia County Middle School. I loved my middle school students and family, but was excited to get back to high school! I taught English 9 and 10 at Bowie High School in Maryland for four years before I moved to the Richmond area. I also teach online history courses for Bluefield State College.


I love teaching and learning! I graduated from Tazewell High School (rival of Dr. Ringstaff's Richlands High) in 2008. I then attended Bluefield State College and graduated with a Bachelor's in Social Science with concentrations in political science and history. After that, I attended Virginia Tech to earn my Master's in history. By the end of this year, I hope to complete my dissertation and earn my PhD in education from Walden University. It's a lot of work, but I can't wait to become Dr. Aiken.

My Schedule

Period One: Duty Period

Period Two: English 12

Period Three: English 9

Period Four: Planning

Period Five: English 12

Period Six: English 9

Period Seven: English 9

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