Meet The Librarian
All about Mrs. Duffey.....

Where do we start?

      I am your local high school librarian.  I am an alumni of Amelia County High School.  I then went to Virginia Tech for undergraduate and completed my Master's Degree at Longwood University.  I  began my teaching career at the elementary school.  I taught second grade for many years.  I am now in my sixth year at the high school.  I love the library and my students that come in and out.  I enjoy the different projects that the students have to work on and researching is one of my favorite activities.  When not helping with researching, I enjoy discussing my other passion which is books.  I love a good book conversation with my students.  I am also well versed in all of the superhero movies. 

     When I am not being The Librarian,  I am mom to Cayden and wife to my wonderful husband Blake.  I love baking, cooking, reading, watching movies and being outside.  I am an avid or rabid Virginia Tech Hokie's fan.  I am well versed in superhero movies, Big Bang Theory and the Harry Potter series.  

“In the nonstop tsunami of global information, librarians provide us with floaties and teach us to swim.”
Linton Weeks